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Always Viva Flexi


The Always Viva Flexi is a totally painless hair remover, treating all skin types and hair colours as well as allowing you to reduce your treatment time with its 20Hz speed.


  • Laser Wavelength 755nm + 808nm + 1064nm
  • Laser Safety Standard Class II Type B
  • Laser Power 1600W/1000W OPTIONAL
  • Handpiece Net Weight 375G
  • Frequency Up to 20Hz
  • Spot Size 15mm x 25 mm/15 mm x 20 mm OPTIONAL
  • Continuous Working 24 Hours
  • Operation System Intelligent & Expert
  • Cooling System Semiconductor + Air + Water

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Always Viva Flexi has an intelligent and expert operation system that will help you offer the best treatments to your customers. The Always Viva Flexi works on all skin types and hair colours with long-lasting results so that your clients will leave more confident than before.  It’s a totally painless hair removal treatment with a device that is easy to use and flexible!  It effectively removes unwanted hair from any body part your customers wish!
Using triple Wavelength, which is the latest advance in laser hair removal technology.

  • Alex 755nm Wavelength

The penetration depth of 755nm is a little shallower than 808. It’s effective for light-coloured and thin hair, especially for superficially embodied hair in areas such as the upper lip.

  • Diode 808nm Wavelength

808nm is clinically proven as the best wavelength for hair removal; it targets the Bulge and Bulb of the hair follicle makes it ideal for treating the arms, legs, cheeks and beard.

  • Yag 1064nm Wavelength

The penetration of 1064nm is deeper than 808nm; it targets the Bulb and Papilla. It’s effective for dark skin, thick hair, and obese people, especially for deeply embedded hair in the areas such as the scalp, armpits and public areas.

Say goodbye to the systems that are complicated and torture your mind and memory. Our machine offers an intelligent and simple operating system that will make your life easier.


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